Why Fresh Dog Food?

We believe in feeding high quality, fresh dog food for the same reason we believe in feeding ourselves this way: whole food, made with fresh ingredients that are gently cooked, is better in quality, digestibility and taste. The fresher, less processed the food, the more nutritious it is – for ourselves and our pets!

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Most “healthy” commercial pet food is dry dog food! It’s highly processed, and contains chemicals, artificial additives, preservatives, and indigestible ingredients. Many consist of meat by-products that are unfit for human consumption and low-quality filler ingredients that are hard to trust.

Just like our own diets, feeding pets a fresh, gently-cooked, whole food diet – even just in part – can have a big impact on your pet’s health. With a fresh dog food diet, you will notice significant improvements, such as: healthier, shinier coat; well-formed/not dry stool; greater energy level; brighter eyes. A fresh dog food diet can also clear up many ailments, such as sensitive tummies, allergies and even distemper.

The best part about feeding fresh dog food? Your pets love meal time!

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How Fresh Dog Food Works

You’ll start off by walking through our easy subscription builder to create a personalized meal plan for your dog! Enter your pet’s details, such as their weight and breed. Next, you’ll select which of our two drool-worthy vegan high-protein pet food recipes — or a mixture of the two! — sounds most enticing. Last, you can choose whether you would like a topper meal plan (will you add our fresh dog food to their existing food?) or a full meal plan (will you only feed Bramble?).

Based on your answers, our algorithm determines exactly how much food your pups need on a daily basis!

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Fresh Dog Food Tastes Better Warmed Up!

We ship our fresh dog food in individual vacuum-seal packaging, which is easy to store in the freezer and refrigerator. (They are part of the family and deserve some space in the fridge!) To prepare for meal time, you just defrost, heat, serve and watch them devour!