Meet Amanda, Bryn and McGruff

It all began when I realized that I couldn’t find a pet food for my dogs, Bryn and McGruff, that reflected my values about health, nutrition and the welfare of our planet. So I decided to literally take matters into my own hands – and kitchen!

We know from our own diets that most meat is full of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, carcinogens and other harmful contaminants. It’s making us sick, and it’s making our pets sick, too.

Concerns about eating so much meat have made humans more conscious about eating more plants and less meat. I began to apply those same concerns to Bryn and McGruff.


We also know from our own diets that our population’s mass consumption of animal products is one of the greatest human threats to the environment. Reducing that meat consumption, even just in part, is one of the greatest contributions we can make to the future of our planet. There’s a better way to feed our pets – and it’s better for the planet, too.

Dogs love Bramble! And now you can feel good giving your dog complete and balanced, fresh plant-based food that is healthier for them and better for the planet.


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