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Bramble is scientifically proven to be be healthier for dogs.
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What is most important when pet owners choose pet food? Research shows that fresh, human-grade ingredients with minimal processing is key.

“Dogs have nutrient requirements, not ingredient requirements.”

– Dr. Kelly Swanson, Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois

Dogs fed Bramble have lower cholesterol and healthier microbiomes

Bramble's feeding trial was the first ever to test a vegan dog food's digestibility against a leading meat-based pet food. The digestibility of Bramble's protein was just as high as the animal protein, and Bramble's fat absorption was even higher. Importantly, dogs fed Bramble had lower cholesterol and improved gut health.

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Nutritionally sound vegan diets are the healthiest choice

In the largest peer-reviewed study to date, the dietary health benefits versus health problems of over 2,500 dogs were observed for one year. Vegan dogs were found to be the healthiest, showing fewer health problems, and requiring less medication and trips to the vet.

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Vegetarian Diets vs. Meat-Based Diets

Do dogs do well on meat-free diets? Yes! Upon reviewing four studies, Dr. Andrew Knight concluded that omnivorous dogs can thrive on complete and balanced vegan diets, formulated to meet all their nutritional needs, and experience a range of health benefits.

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Fresh, human-grade food found to be more digestible than processed kibble

A recent study published in January 2021 by Dr. Kelly Swanson, a member of Bramble’s Board of Health and Science Advisors, confirmed the health benefits of feeding fresh, human-grade food. The key findings revealed that fresh, human-grade food is more digestible than even a premium animal protein kibble, which is highly processed,.

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Gently Cooked Pet Food vs. Kibble

A 2018 study revealed that mildly cooked and raw meat pet diets resulted in greater digestibility (and absorption of essential nutrients) and lower blood triglyceride concentrations compared to extruded (kibble) diets.

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The extent of processing done to dog food makes a big difference in your dog's diet

A 2019 study revealed the considerable variability of essential nutrient digestibility among the same animal product ingredient undergoing different processing conditions (i.e., chicken meal byproducts vs. lightly processed chicken vs. steamed chicken). In sum, the most highly processed chicken meal byproduct had the lowest nutritional digestibility, whereas the least processed steamed chicken had the highest digestibility amino acid score.

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